Artist’s statement

I believe that creativity is the research process, as a science, just in a sense. And the conclusions in this process is not verbal, but sensual. Sensory perception is also output. The artist creates reality.

I live in Karelia, my house and studio are located directly in the forest. Therefore, I am inspired by nature, winter forest, cliffs, water. Sometimes, from sketch to the finished sculpture is held a year. My material is metal. It includes 4 elements: earth, water, fire, air. It is alive and flowing, and hard at the same time.

I create monumental sculptures in the technique of forging and it is really hard to work with metal. Because it allows something or something does not allow to work with them,  in this interaction is born my sculpture. 

My goal is to make the viewer stop, distracted even for a moment from the bustle and try to feel my sculpture. Think about it, get your own sensual experience.