This exhibition with the 5 metal relief sculptures  is open until November.  Inner Voice Gallery (Mikhailovskaya Street, 2 / wed-fr)


As a project exhibition intentionally hasn't any accompanying text. The term itself supposes direct translation of any image from an artist to the viewer. I think that creativity is a research process, same as science, but in the area of filings. And conclusions aren't verbal but emotional. And this emotional perception is conclusion too. 

modern metal sculpture, for Sculpture Park in Switzerland.

2008 Sculpture group: “Growing”  in collaboration with Andrey Gorbunov | materials:  steel, forging, wide 15-30 сm, height 60-144 сm

2005 Sculpture: Waiting of Theseus  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2008 Sculpture:  Black Nimph  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2007 Sculpture: Recollections of a Skull 2  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

 2014 - 2015  Two-part project  “For Internal Use only”, Sculpture: No Title | materials: steel, forging, hot-dip galvanizing. size 5* 1.80* 0.45 meters

Sculpture: Cortes Dream  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2005  Sculpture: Recollections of a Skull  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

Project Era & Arta for the museum of contemporary art “Erarta” in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Sculpture group Era &Arta | materials: steel, forging, corrosion. Sculpture at 4.60 in height.

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