This exhibition with the 5 metal relief sculptures  is open until November.  Inner Voice Gallery (Mikhailovskaya Street, 2 / wed-fr)

modern metal sculpture, for Sculpture Park in Switzerland.

2008 Sculpture group: “Growing”  in collaboration with Andrey Gorbunov | materials:  steel, forging, wide 15-30 сm, height 60-144 сm

2005 Sculpture: Waiting of Theseus  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2008 Sculpture:  Black Nimph  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2007 Sculpture: Recollections of a Skull 2  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

 2014 - 2015  Two-part project  “For Internal Use only”, Sculpture: No Title | materials: steel, forging, hot-dip galvanizing. size 5* 1.80* 0.45 meters

Sculpture: Cortes Dream  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2005  Sculpture: Recollections of a Skull  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

Project Era & Arta for the museum of contemporary art “Erarta” in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Sculpture group Era &Arta | materials: steel, forging, corrosion. Sculpture at 4.60 in height.

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