sculpture "Canopy of Infinity" at the exhibition in The State Russian Museum

Infinity which can't be seen, touched or understood by the mind, but only felt.

There are no boundaries for senses, boundaries provide the mind.

Uncertainty always attracts a person. Never-ending outer space similar to the depth of the human soul.

But whatever secrets obscured by a canopy...


This exhibition with the 5 metal relief sculptures  

modern metal sculpture, for Sculpture Park in Switzerland.

2008 Sculpture group: “Growing”  in collaboration with Andrey Gorbunov | materials:  steel, forging, wide 15-30 сm, height 60-144 сm

2005 Sculpture: Waiting of Theseus  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2008 Sculpture:  Black Nimph  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

2007 Sculpture: Recollections of a Skull 2  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

 2014 - 2015  Two-part project  “For Internal Use only”, Sculpture: No Title | materials: steel, forging, hot-dip galvanizing. size 5* 1.80* 0.45 meters

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