Arhstoyanie | "Personal Universe №5"

2016 Arhstoyanie THEME: THE SHELTER

Sculpture - personal universe №5 |  materials: steel, forging, 200*200*500 sm.

The space in which two people can simultaneously be, wrapped around the "fugitives" , puffing like a knot, cut off from the outside world. Portal between the worlds is closed, leaving the observer alone with himself. Sophisticated communication human memories and feelings intertwine, cutting unnecessary, because the true "safe haven", in my opinion, lies in the heart of man, not in his search, and geographic location.

 It is  a metal ‘cocoon’ which weighs 1.5 tons and has room for up to 2 people, conveys the idea of asylum, suggested by the festival curators. Work on the project went on for over 6 months in my studio in Karelia .

 Arkhstoyanie is the largest festival of land art and landscape art objects in the Park "Nikola-Lenivets" in Europe and Russia.