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Project "HyperIncrease"

Project:  “Hyper Increase” 2009 in collaboration with Maxim Nesterov | photos, black and white print

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"The knot"

2011 Sculpture: The knot | materials: steel, forging/size 1.10* 0.50* 0.40 meters

The sculpture was shown at the Art Helsinki Fair 2011

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2007 Sculpture:  Torso  |  The first solo exhibition "P.P."

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Exhibition "Steambaroque"

Project: 2015 -2016 Steambaroque. Exhibition  “Steambaroque” 2016 in collaboration with Vlad Kulkov

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Project "Russian Lace"

2015 Project: Russian laces | materials: barbed wire, hot-dip galvanizing, paint for metal.size 1.70, 2.20, 4.40 meters/

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Project "For Internal Use Only" | sculpture "Taurus"

2014 - 2015 Two-part project “ For Internal Use only” , sculpture: Taurus | materials: steel, forging, hot-dip galvanizing.  In  the collection of the Museum of Modern Art “Erarta”, Saint-Peterburg, Russia

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