Project "HyperIncrease"

Project:  “Hyper Increase” 2009 in collaboration with Maxim Nesterov | photos, black and white print

Project "Hyper increase" in collaboration with artist Max Nesterov | materials: black&white photo printed on polystyrene 1.40 *1.0 meters

photo by Max Nesterov

Project Giperuvelichenie demonstrates, as in the classical exhibitions due to a tandem of two artists the opportunity to focus the viewers attention and play with the planes of perception. Sculptural form of works by Dmitry Zhukov is diverse and complex. The material he uses is steel band and, thanks to technology of forging Damascus, under his power to identify, expose the inner, originally laid down layers of material, thus enriching, texture and color of the metal. Sophisticated, ornate structure works of Zhukov has a stare

Works of Maxim Nesterov, this photoshoot is not a professional photographer, but above all an artist in metal, who understands and feels the material.