Live Stream series

Live Stream installation

steel, original technique

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A metal abstraction. A relief-sculpture.

The project’s title itself states the main principle of its creation — "right then and there". Thus the sculpture bears no marks of further refinement. It is a live stream of the material’s being and the artist’s actions.

First, Dmitry Zhukov imprinted shapes and trajectory of his own body on a piece of clay. Then the clay was poured with steel so to get a mirrored metal copy of the clay imprint. The living and boiling steel erupted like lava.
Such a unique technique helped the sculptor to achieve a great plastic freedom in the method of relief. Dmitry Zhukov’s practices in abstraction echo the Action painting by Jackson Pollock, in which the layers of paint applied by the artist emphasized the physical act of painting itself.
Live stream. Infinity Canopy (Part 1), 2017
2019: Exhibition "Angels in The Art of The 20th-21th centures", State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Live Stream (Part 2), 2017
Live Stream (Part 3), 2017
Live Stream (Part 2), 2017
Live Stream (Part 3), 2017
Live Stream (Part 4), 2017