Working process
2014 - 2015 Two-part project " For Internal Use only", Sculpture: No Title | materials: steel, forging, size 5* 1.80* 0.45 meters

Sculpture has no basis, it is suspended in the air, graphics shadows like a ghost of the virtual world since all its seriousness, its materiality, has no basis in reality. The project is essentially devoid of accompanying curatorial text, and addressed directly to the viewer's perception, the "internal use" everyone who came to the exhibition
2015 Project: Russian laces | materials: barbed wire, hot-dip galvanizing, paint for metal.size 1.70 * 2.20* 4.40 meters

Was shown at the VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2015 Any amount transferred to the sheet is flat. Drawing as a discipline allows you to pass in the plane of complex structures and mechanisms. People separated by time, can recreate them using this language. Attempting to accept Russian embroidery and lace as a specific graphic language that carries the cultural code has led me to the creation of the project RUSSIAN LACE.
Mixed media sculpture